Awesome wine of the week!

Tasted through loads of New Zealand and Burgundian wines this week…so have lots to tell.

But as a quickie recommendation try this Kiwi Pinot out –  Carrick Unravelled Pinot Noir 2008.

Carrick Unravelled Pinot Noir Central Otago 2008

Carrick is a well established winery in Central Otago on the Southern bit of NZ south island(maybe the world?).

So, why did I like this guy? Well for starters, the price!  At £12.50 this wine is a bargain from a region notorious for tres cher Pinot.  Great Western Wine in Bath are the importers and you can buy it online here.

As for the wine, it has loads of expressive mixed berry fruit of cranberry and lots of cherries with a vibrant earthy palate – high alc @ 14% but overall a good Pinot Noir that will defo stand up to a variety of dishes from Peking duck to chorizo sausages.

Oh, check this out, just got off the phone with Great Western Wine to double-check price and it is normally £12.50 but is now on offer for £10.95!  That is a ridiculously good price!! Honestly buy now.  Again here’s the link. I would but I’m just a lowly messenger 😦

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3 thoughts on “Awesome wine of the week!

  1. pete says:

    sweet stuff louis i’m diggin the recs

  2. spiltwine says:

    thanks pete. not sure if you can find it on the east coast though…but maybe…

    • pete says:

      no luck at my local shops, i’m going to check the wine library in my hometown when i get back from india… look out for indian wines i’ve found some gems!

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