you mus”t” try this red (with pasta)

Some banter this morning with @browners on his open ox cheek ravioli got me thinking about the wine I tried this past weekend – the 2007 Mus ‘T’ red from Domaine de la Graveirette – the duo would have gone perfectly together!

Domaine de la Graveirette, Mus ‘T’ 2007

It’s just something about tomato sauce (and cooked cherry tomatoes too) that go so well with Southern Rhône Syrah/Grenache blends. The ox cheek is just a plus.
Actually, this wine could go with an array of tomato and meat based Italian dishes, lasagne or even spag bol for instance.

The wine itself isn’t majorly complex but rather light and easy with fragrant berry fruit, some spice and a smooth palate. And it’s just light enough to make it refreshing in a glass, by itself.

Domaine de la Graveirette is available at Caviste for £8.95

The wine was kindly sent to me by newly established Carte Blanche Wines

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One thought on “you mus”t” try this red (with pasta)

  1. jj v says:

    thats itttttttttt I’m having wine-GOURMET pizza W XXXXTRA TOMATO SAUCE/// TONIGHT!!!///////////// YEZZZZZIR!!!////

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