Wine before beer you’re in the clear.

One of the main reasons I joined Kermit Lynch’s Adventure’s wine club was the diversity it offered, well diversity between France and Italy. For $39 a month, I get two completely different wines. When I go to a wine shop I will, for the most part, only buy French stuff, as close minded as that might be I really don’t care. The only Italian wine I buy voluntarily is Prosecco….so since half the wine in the club is from that little boot of a country, I figured why not broaden my horizons.

Where I’m leading with all this dithering is the wine we had on Saturday. A fine little number from the region of Langhe in the north western Piedmonte bit of Italy. Made by Silvio Giamello the wine is called Villa Gentiana, it’s a 2011Nebbiolo ($19.95 a bottle).
Nebbiolo (which derives from nebbia, fog in Italian) is named such apparently because of the “thick natural bloom that covers the ripe
berries1”, and to some is considered Italy’s answer to Pinot Noir. Nebbiolo like PN has the amazing ability to take up the flavors from which it has been grown.  This Nebbiolo had densely rich cherry flavors, loads of licorice, some violet and roses as well. In fact, the wine might have been a year or two too young as it was only after some vigorous swirling in the glass that it mellowed out a bit. We had it with some lovely risotto alla diavola a particularly spicy risotto cooked with fresh tomatoes and some chestnut mushrooms. A splendid fusion of rich tannic wine with a creamy flavorful dish.

2011 Silvio Giamello, Nebbiolo, Langhe from Kermit Lynch @ $19.95

2011 Silvio Giamello, Nebbiolo, Langhe from Kermit Lynch @ $19.95

Another little pairing from this weekend was a spicy homemade chicken broth, with the very thin Dongguan rice vermicelli and some pak choi, on the side are fried pork rolls we got from Cordon Bleu, just down the block. For the bevvie here we were in luck as our local corner shop Le Beau just received some Pliny the Elder, need I say more? This would be a good time to remind y’all beer goes great with Asian foods, like you needed to know. This was more of a Eurasian meal but it still did the job! Oh and I’ve recently learned that I am way more into these extra hoppy beers…..and that they get way worse after about 30 days in….so if you get a bottle…drink it quick and bottoms up!!!

Pliny the Elder from Russian Brewing Company, Le Beau Market for $4.50ish

Pliny the Elder from Russian Brewing Company, Le Beau Market for $4.50ish

1Robinson, et al. Wine Grapes, New York, Ecco, 2012, pg 702

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