Brangerosé is mighty fine…but the best in the world…?

As most of you have probably heard, Wine Spectator have not only placed Chateau Miraval (Brangelina’s wine from Provence) in their top 100 wines of the year but they have gone as far as saying it’s the best rosé in the world!

So why have Spectator done this? My only guess is they’re hoping the power duo will show up at the awards dinner….and to be quite honest, if I were in the position to get Angelina Jolie at my shindig, hell yeah I’d say she (and that other guy) made the best rosé ever!!!

To be honest the wine is actually very nice. Below is a tasting I did from my summer rose reviews….I seem to remember it having a caramel/toffee like flavor as well. I think I would include it in my top 10 rosé’s of the year in fact, but not #1, c’mon….that’s just silly.

2012 Miraval, Côtes de Provence: around $23, widely available.
If you have not yet heard of Château Miraval, you soon will: This is the Brangelina wine, made at their winery in Provence with help from the family of famous Rhône winemakers, Perrin. The presentation here is exquisite, the bottle itself is almost as memorable as that now-famous Jolie Oscar leg shot. The wine too is very nice indeed, soft fruit flavors and despite the initial hype is now widely available. Have it with a showing of Mr. & Mrs. Smith — without that movie, this wine would not exist.

Chateau Miraval Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Rose

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